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Small Groups

Welcome to Calvary Chapel Chino Hills’ (CCCH) Small Groups

“…Better is a neighbor nearby than a brother far away.” – Proverbs 27:10b

Wherever you’re at in life, there’s a place for you in one of our Small Groups!
It’s the place where life, the Word, and relationships all come together!

Why join?

The Bible tells us that as members of God’s family,
we need to be connected to one another for friendship,
encouragement, strength, and support.
That’s what CCCH Small Groups are all about!


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a message from

pastor jack

I am very excited to introduce to you CCCH Small Groups. These groups will consist of small, intimate home fellowship groups, which promise to be a great source of fellowship and personal growth. I am blessed to say that the CCCH Small Group concept has been born out of the desire to bring life to our Sunday morning & Wednesday evening teachings through the home fellowship setting. They will be an effective tool that will cause the weekly teachings of God’s Word to become more active in our daily lives. As CCCH Small Groups are established here at Calvary, it is my desire that a deep sense of unity, fellowship, and a deeper growth in the Lord results.

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We are sorry, Childcare is not available. Minimum age to attend is 15.


Want to Facilitate?

We are always looking for new facilitators. You must regularly attend
Calvary Chapel and be willing to open your home to 10-12 people.
Interested? Please learn more.

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