A message from Pastor Jack

A Message from Pastor Jack Regarding Small Groups

…Better is a neighbor nearby than a brother far away. – Proverbs 27:10b

I am very excited to introduce to you CCCH Small Groups. These groups will consist of small, intimate home fellowship groups, which promise to be a great source of fellowship and personal growth. I am blessed to say that the CCCH Small Group concept has been born out of the desire to bring life to our Sunday morning & Wednesday evening teachings through the home fellowship setting. They will be an effective tool that will cause the weekly teachings of God’s Word to become more active in our daily lives. As CCCH Small Groups are established here at Calvary, it is my desire that a deep sense of unity, fellowship, and a deeper growth in the Lord results.

Let me share with you a little what the CCCH Small Group is and what it is not. CCCH Small Groups are what the Lord has made so clear for us to do as a church, to better prepare us for the world that is ahead, regarding the church. First of all, by attending CCCH Small Groups, we will be taking the Sunday morning or Wednesday evening messages and causing them to become more of a working, living, breathing reality in our Christian growth. This will be done by the careful review, meditation and interaction with the CCCH Small Group outline that will be provided to each facilitator, prior to each Sunday evening’s gathering.

It is vital that you understand that we are not looking for anyone to re-teach or rework the message but rather to revisit and represent what was given out in the Sunday morning or Wednesday evening message. Our commitment, to embedding the messages, requires us to create and maintain certain guidelines that will help protect and secure the intimacy of the CCCH Small Group.

One of the guidelines, that I would like to mention now, is the requirement of the group size. Much research and study has gone into the optimum number of people for a small group setting. Research shows that the best number of people ranges from 10 to 15. When the number grows outside that, intimacy is lost as you depart from the smaller setting. It is interesting to note that Jesus established His church with the median number of that range, being 12. It is also interesting to realize that throughout the Old Testament period, and during the early New Testament period, that it took 10 people to establish a synagogue. This grew out of the original Passover, in Egypt, where the minimum number of people to be gathered together was 10. Thus, the CCCH Small Group will be a wonderful insurance for us, as a church corporately, no matter how large Calvary Chapel may grow. So then to maintain this intimacy, we need your full cooperation and adherence to a maximum number of 15. The CCCH Small Groups will be strictly managed by neighborhoods via zip codes. As much as, someone in Pasadena may want to attend their friends’ CCCH Small Groups in Temecula, that commute from Pasadena to Temecula is exactly what we do not want to see happen.

Simply put, CCCH Small Groups are to take those that live the closest to you, who attend this church, and create a community that now provides the safety, the comfort, and the opportunity to know those of like faith. I think that should persecution, crises, or difficulties arise in the days ahead, we, as a church, will already have in place a fellowship of believers close by. They will be able to minister to one another, because they have become unified around the Sunday messages, by fellowshipping personally with one another. CCCH Small Groups is not intended, nor is the vision from the Lord, directed toward the creation of churches, but rather to strengthen the foundation of our home church.

We are also excited that this very ministry opens the door of opportunity for many people to be involved, by being facilitators without having to be concerned with teaching skills, callings, or any other abilities that would minimize CCCH Small Groups success.

Should any questions, concerns, or comments arise I would direct you toward the overseer of CCCH Small Groups by emailing smallgroups@calvarycch.org

I look forward to the wonderful things that will come out of the CCCH Small Groups.

Awaiting His Return,

Pastor Jack