Why join a small group?

What Topic is Going to be Covered?

Behold Your God: Rethinking God Biblically

by John Snyder

Each week’s lesson is preceded by a brief historical profile of a notable man or woman of God such as George Muller, A. W. Tozer, Samuel Rutherford, Charles Spurgeon, Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Amy Carmichael, Robert Murray M’Cheyne, George Whitefield, Daniel Rowland and Jonathan Edwards.

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Why Join?

It is through being a part of a small group of believers that we have the best opportunity to grow in our  personal walk with our Lord and Savior, while cultivating deep and lasting friendships with other believers. Small Groups make a large church feel small. Simply put, CCCH Small Groups are to take those that live the closest to you, who attend this church, and create a community that now provides the safety, the comfort, and the opportunity to know those of like faith. We think that should persecution, crises, or difficulties arise in the days ahead, we, as a church, will already have in place a fellowship of believers close by. They will be able to minister to one another, because they have become unified around the Sunday & Wednesday messages, by fellowshipping personally with one another.

It is essential for our Christian walk that we come together as a family of believers, for fellowship, encouragement, support, and spiritual growth. Just as we all have many body parts that work together to make up a complete person, so also, though we are many individuals, together we make up one body in Christ (Romans 12:4-5).

We are sorry but Childcare is not provided. Minimum age to attend is 15 years old.